Re-Create the 808

 Timeless truth is that the makers invented instruments, whereas the artists reinvented them into musical instruments. (Citation needed).  

Our new RC-808 "Re-Create the 808" does authentic vintage TR-808 emulation as well as vanguard drum synthesizer sounds. 
A drum synthesizer? Yes, it was the original TR-808 / 909 / 606 / TB-303 engineering team's dream to create, not a drum machine, but a drum synth. Each of its 16 instruments to have a synthesizing power equivalent of that of a System-700 modular synth - all that magnitude just for one single instrument. Multiply that by 16, and you'll get the idea about the scale of the original intention by the engineers. 


This new demo song shows its synth capability with new expressions made possible with its onboard piano-roll type sequencer controlling the gate time. 

Please note that no samples, nor effect processing are employed. Just analog manner synthesis, but coupled with nifty tricks. 


The RC-808 Re-Create the 808 is a conceptual model synth that makes this large scale dream come true. More episodes about the background of the Mid-O Series, and the RC-808 details available on this website. Check them out!

What"s New


09. 09. 2019 - The Second Mid-O Day. More demos available on the 808 Media webpage. Actually we wanted to release the RC-808 for Mac, but kindly wait a bit more. We fully understand that you've waited for us to arrive for 40 years, and your bit more extra patience would be a great help for us to breathe. Thank you so much!


09. 01. 2019 - Dommune interview and RC-808 review archive video edited and uploaded on 808 Media webpage!

08. 22. 2019 - 19:00 JST / UTC +0900 - Tadao Kikumoto with RC-808 on Streaming Channel "Dommune". Thank you so much for watching!

08. 22. 2019 - The contents of the Quick Start that comes with the RC-808 is now also shown on the RC-808 Download page. 

08. 20. 2019 - 808 Media page added. We appreciate all of your kind support to us!

08. 08. 2019 - 21:00 JST / UTC +0900 - The First Mid-O Day. This website launched when the entire planet Earth was supposedly in 808 Day.